Team Fortress 2

importing TF2 characters into blender with skins

In this tutorial I will teach you how to import TF2 characters/items into blender with their skins

  1. download the nessacery programs:
  2. extract the model of the character/item you are importing
    • open GCFScape
    • click file > open and go into steam > steamApps > common > team fortress 2 > tf > tf2_misc_dir.vpk
    • open root > models > player and then all the files of the class you want (including in any of the subfolders)
    • bats are then in the item folder and weapons are in tf > models > weapons
    • extract them to a folder some where that you can edit again
  3. extract the skins for the model
    • still in GCFScape open tf2_textures_dir.vpk (this is in the same folder)
    • go into root > materials > models and then the same path name as the models were in
    • sort the folder by file type and extract all the vtf files
  4. making the model usable
    • open the mdl file you extracted (not the animation file) in Notepad++
    • if you do not want the materials skip to step 7 and select import mesh rather than Import Mesh with textures
    • delete the phrase "models/player/" or whatever the file path in the VPK was there will be multiple (more if it is heavy, less if pyro)
    • save the file
  5. making the skins usable
    • open VTFEdit
    • find the skins you extracted form GCFScape
    • export all the vtf files that do not contain the words "blue" "invun" or "gib" or are blue or green in the preview as tga files
    • load a program that can edit tga files and create a white square 512 x 512 name it eyeball_l.tga and save it is the folder
    • copy the file and rename it eyeball_r.tga
  6. decompile the model
    • open MDLdecompiler
    • uncheck all the boxes
    • load the mdl into the first box
    • enter the target into the second box
    • click extract
  7. importing the file into blender (finally.)
    • open blender
    • delete the default box
    • goto file > import > Half-Life 2 (.SMD)
    • click Static Mesh With textures
    • open lod1_[class]_morphs_low.dmx.smd
    • if any errors come up it is due to a missing file, if it is not in the VTFEdit file find the closest file and copy and rename it the necessary file if not are close use a white bmp file and import again
    • select the bones press r the x then 90

You should now have a textured TF2 character if you have I don't know why (sorry.)

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    Member Joined 3 years ago

    Posted by Crumblehop I require assistance!

    I'm trying to install the .SMD importer, but I can't seem to locate the .blender folder in my Blender directory. Help?

    I think you should place it in Addons..

    Source games' Mapper
  • kjay600 avatar
    kjay600 Offline
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    I can't find any models folder in GFCScape :(

  • ZombiePlasticClock avatar
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    Member Joined 5 years ago

    My problem is that MDLCompiler is now part of a program "Studiocompile". And though I followed your directions using Notepad++ and whatnot, trying to export Team Fortress models as a usable .smd file crashes the program. However, it doesn't have these problems with Counter-Strike or Half-Life models. Is there a way to fix this?

    Buy the Bot Dogger!
  • Sam-1-14 avatar
    Sam-1-14 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    there is another problem with that importer, it makes exporting static meshes impossible(it's either that or blender doesn't like it)

    The not so great.....
  • smashyoface avatar
    smashyoface Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Pros: CEWL Cons: CEWL Improvements: nothing Notes: i like it


  • Nanor_131 avatar
    Nanor_131 Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    I did not know that the SMD importer shrunk the model do you know by how much so I can add a step of how to resize the model. And where is the other importer you can use?

  • Sam-1-14 avatar
    Sam-1-14 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    The only problem with that smd import is that the model is shrinked, btw there is a mdldecompiler on this website hacked specifically to decompile tf2 models

    The not so great.....
  • Nanor_131 avatar
    Nanor_131 Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    People do have a problem with finding the .blender file I belive it's in C:\documents and settings\aplication data\blender foundation\blender\ but without checking I can't say for sure make sure you put it in scripts though

  • Crumblehop avatar
    Crumblehop Offline
    314 points Ranked 9984th
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    I require assistance!

    I'm trying to install the .SMD importer, but I can't seem to locate the .blender folder in my Blender directory. Help?

    Not Awesome in any manner shap
  • Problem Officer? avatar
    Problem Officer? Offline
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    belnder?maybe can be BLENDER.. Btw your tutorial is good

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    Get the fuck out of there


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