Gif to animated spray

To begin...

You will need Gif editing software. I use ULEAD gif animator so therefore my tutorial will be based around it mainly. You will also need VTFEdit.

1) Open up gif animator. File>new

Set the X and Y to something that's the power of 2. 32, 64, 128, 256. The smaller it is the more frames you will be able to have but you have to make sure your gif fits within the boundaries. Import your gif by dragging it in.

2) File>Save as>Image frames

Change the save type to .png and quality 100. Call it "image" (without the speech marks). Then save it in its own folder

You are done with ULEAD, now you need to open up VTFEdit.

3) File>Import

Highlight all of the .pngs you have made and click "open".

Set texture type to "animated texture".

Click OK. Click play to see if it worked.

Then click "info" and check how big the spray is. Anything over 512kb is too much and wont work - if this is the case you must go back to the gif editor and delete some frames or make the gif dimensions smaller.

4) If it worked and you're happy with it. Click Options and make sure "Auto create VMT file is checked".

Save your spray into C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\logos

and try it out in game!

EDIT: I've created a calculator which allows you to check how many frames you are allowed with different lengths and widths. Found here: Click

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  • snacks! avatar
    snacks! Offline
    262 points Ranked 11013rd
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    Love this tutorial, man! Made tons of my own animated sprays already. Thanks a bunch

  • Ramalyn avatar
    Ramalyn Offline
    14 points
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  • Thunder28X avatar
    Thunder28X Offline
    608 points Ranked 5684th
    • Report icon
    3 years ago:

    I tried to import the images but it kept giving me an error message saying "error loading image". What's wrong?

    Eccentric Pigeon
  • Ultrimo avatar
    Ultrimo Offline
    2,284 points Ranked 1595th
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:
    Posted by Rikkuna I tried this, but the animation is really fast so there's no time to see what I had for it, here's the .gif I was converting.

    Where is it really fast? In ulead or VTFedit or ingame?

    User Title
  • Rikkuna avatar
    Rikkuna Offline
    5 points
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    I tried this, but the animation is really fast so there's no time to see what I had for it, here's the .gif I was converting.


    All your bitches are belong to
  • millhouse3671 avatar
    millhouse3671 Offline
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  • Holty avatar
    Holty Offline
    7,425 points Ranked 497th
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    Pros: Very helpful and the calculator provided is helpful! Cons: No screenshots Improvements: Some screenshots could only add to it. Use some HTML for increased readability. Notes: Simple concise tutorial.

    Victory. Or death!
  • Anonymous
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    Pros: It's clear and I get what you mean Cons: more details are usefull Improvements: see above Notes: no notes...

  • _Pandan_ avatar
    _Pandan_ Offline
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    Pros: Simple Cons: needs more deal and info Improvements: info...

    RisingStar avatar
    User Title
  • Ultrimo avatar
    Ultrimo Offline
    2,284 points Ranked 1595th
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:
    Posted by arizona_bay Hi Ultrimo, Many thanks for this tutorial. It worked a treat! I found that i could get more frames crammed into the spray by lowering the resolution, and as long as i kept it below 125kb. I got 20 frames into a 128x64 spray and it came out clear enough in game. Thanks again Ps to other people making sprays - freeware "Video To Jpg Converter" from will extract frames fom movie clips and youtube flash flv files so you can make those frames into a spray too.

    Awesome - glad to help. By the way, you accidentally rated 5/10 lol

    User Title


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