Team Fortress 2

Installing Skins

This is a Tutorial for Team Fortress 2 submitted by CC_ArK.

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Installing Skins

This Tutorial may be obvious and not needed for most of the people here, but since some people in my clan don't know how and I am tired of explaining it to individuals. For this tutorial I will be installing my own skin (ArK's Golden Revolver v2) as an example. This is my first tutorial, so here we go:

  1. Start by downloading the skin you want to install and use in game. For example, we will use my skin of the Golden Revolver. you can find the download link here (screenshot 1).
  2. Now go to your desktop (screenshot 2)
  3. Open your "My Computer" window, go to your Hard drive disk, Program files, Steam, Steamapps, and finally click on common. (screenshot 3)
    The resulting file path so far should be:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common
  4. From there open up your Team Fortress 2 folder, go to tf, custom, my_custom_skins, then materials, models, weapons, and c_revolver.
    NOTE: If you have never installed a skin before it is likely that you will not have the folder inside custom, Models, Weapons, or c_revolver folders in your program files. If they are missing, just make them.
  5. Extract the skin files you downloaded from GB into the c_revolver folder and everything should be set. (screenshot 4)
    NOTE: If the skin doesn't work, make sure there are no duplicate folders and make sure it is in the correct file path.
    Your files for the Golden revolver skin should be extracted to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\custom\my_custom_skins\materials\models\weapons\c_revolver
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    4 months ago:
    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't have my_custom_skins

    I guess the part that says if you don't have any of these folder you have to make them is a little too hard to read, but the basic gist of that line is that if you don't have any of these folders, you make them yourself.

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  • Anonymous
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    4 months ago:
    I don't have my_custom_skins
  • BedTime avatar
    BedTime Offline
    Member Joined 5 months ago
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    5 months ago:
    1. update this

    2. how do i do this if i already downloaded a skin into my_custom_stuff? I downloaded a remmington skin for a shotgun and i want to use 2 other skins, but it wont work/

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    6 months ago:
    Needs to be updated.
  • Questionist avatar
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    7 months ago:
    how do I extract from GB?
  • NukeCola avatar
    NukeCola Offline
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    2 years ago:


    • Need more Detail than just that
  • moistbabi avatar
    moistbabi Offline
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    2 years ago:


    • Dumb x 2
  • Anonymous
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    3 years ago:


    • Guys this don't work anymore!
    • There r new ways now!
  • mokjiyh avatar
    mokjiyh Offline
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    3 years ago:
    how do u do more than one? i cant have more than one models and materials
  • aliceisellis. avatar
    Member Joined 4 years ago
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    3 years ago:


    • It's great but i want to know how to install an player skin


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