TF2 Cleaner

//TF2 Cleaner// // By Icepick66 //

// THIS IS A CLONE OF CS:S CLEANER NO TF2 NATIVE STUFF IN IT YET // // Sorry theres no Icon, Anyones welcome to make one// Get the all NEW Steam Cleaner HERE, and see whats new! //What is it?// Basically, it a temporary file remover, it removes unneeded files that team fortress 2 generates when you play on servers. You could save a huge amount of disk space just by removing these unneeded files, if you just play tf2once in a while, you still collect a lot of crap, such as other peoples sprays, sounds, maps. You'll be surprised how much it adds up to. Just playing once in a 50 slot server will eat 800kb, doesn't sound much, but it all adds up if you play regularly!


  • Removes All of the files listed below
  • Completely customizable options, only deletes what you tell it to.
  • Safe, Files are only moved to the recycling bin, not removed Permanently.
  • Will free up loads of wasted space by removing pointless old files you gain from playing on servers. (listed below)
  • Works only by deleting listed files and directory's, and combines directory detection to make sure its not deleting anything it shouldn't.
  • No need to install, runs straight out of the zip.
  • Completely free ware, no trail versions, or ad aware etc.
  • No need to run steam while using.
  • Made in VB2008
  • Tested on XP and Vista
  • May require Net Framework 2.0 (Built-in vista, xp sp2)

// What does it delete?//

Detailed list:

Crash Files: tf/*.mdmp (deleted all files ending in .mdmp )

Downloaded Sprays: tf/cstrike/materials/temp/. (deletes all files in directory)

Temporary downloads: tf/cstrike/downloads/*.dat

Download Lists: tf/cstrike/downloadLists/*.lst

Sounds tf/cstrike/sounds/** (Deletes all directorys, and top level sounds)

Protect mani sounds: Protects mani default sounds and directory's being deleted (still removes non mani default sounds located in mani directory's, protect mani sounds is the highest priority)

Delete known sounds: (Will replace delete all with only the directory's specified) tf/cstrike/sounds/gungame (deletes entire folder) tf/cstrike/sounds/admin_plugin (deletes entire folder, wont delete mani default sounds if checked) tf/cstrike/sounds/quake tf/cstrike/sounds/quakefemale tf/cstrike/sounds/quakesexy

Maps Due to maps being quite important to users there is no option to delete all the maps. only 3 options: Delete all maps older than 1 year (regardless of last played) Delete all maps not played more than 4 months ago (Wont work with anti virus checkers) Delete all maps larger than 40Mb (self explanatory)

Addons tf/cstrike/addons (deletes diretory)

Screenshots tf/cstrike/screenshots/*.jpg (deletes all jpg files so .psd and other image edits are not lost)

Cache tf/cstrike/cache/. (Will not delete downloadcache.db)

Cs1.6 folders Deletes if exists: tf/cstrike/gfx tf/cstrike/sprites tf/cstrike/env

Soundcache tf/cstrike/maps/soundcache/.

Graphs tf/cstrike/maps/graphs (removes entire dir)

Player Models tf/cstrike/models/player (removes entire folder) tf/cstrike/materials/player (removes entire folder)

//How often should I use it?// Once a month, just to clean the spray and download folders.

//Its Frozen Help!!// Its not, its just deleting thousands of files, and is busy. Dont end task on it, unless its been running for more than 20 minutes, it could take up to a hour if you have never cleaned your tf2 before, and you play it regularly for over a year!

//What does XYZ mean?// Hover your mouse over each item, itll display a tool tip, if you still need further explanation go here:

Download 179 kb

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  • XSPyroXS avatar
    XSPyroXS Offline
    62 points
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:


  • Chronic_Albert avatar
    Chronic_Albert Offline
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    Hot damn. I don't play all the time, but just one game freed up almost 200MB.

    Awesome tool.

  • AsianBorat avatar
    AsianBorat Offline
    34 points
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    Delets Amazingly fast!!! Without this, clearing up my thousands of files of junk would have been nearly impossible!!!

    Pirates < Pinjas > Ninjas
  • YoGijs avatar
    YoGijs Offline
    151 points Ranked 16205th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    I just asked. lol. Can i use this without steam?

    Let's Play TF2?
  • icepick66 avatar
    icepick66 Offline
    188 points Ranked 13936th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    Not my problem

  • YoGijs avatar
    YoGijs Offline
    151 points Ranked 16205th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    But if i dont have steam?

    Let's Play TF2?
  • AlphaPheonix avatar
    AlphaPheonix Offline
    175 points Ranked 14628th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    Pros: Same as CS cleaner, saved me a lot of space. Cons: You could at least get rid of all the references to CS 1.6 and CS:S and change the icon. But it is still excellent. Notes: Saved me half a gig. Thank you so much!

  • icepick66 avatar
    icepick66 Offline
    188 points Ranked 13936th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    You'll need: Counter strike source cleaner:

    Next version im going to integrate them both, and you select the game you want.

  • marrowmasher avatar
    marrowmasher Offline
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    Will it delete counter strike stuff too?

    Dont fuck monkeys youll get ai
  • icepick66 avatar
    icepick66 Offline
    188 points Ranked 13936th
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    Only if you select the maps checkbox, it'll only delete what you check, wont touch anything else.

    & it will only delete the maps that fit the criteria you radio selected.

    I dont recommending using the map remover for tf2 just yet as there arn't many maps, and you can manually clean it up for full control.

    Also Its impossible for this to touch your default maps, as steam stores them in a separate location.



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icepick66 avatar
icepick66 Offline
188 points Ranked 13936th




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