Frustratingly Long load Times

The reson I have been playing CoD4 so much is because it loads in about 45 seconds on average. I haven't played Team Fortress 2 in a very long time because of the loading times. So I booted it up to try out the new medic updates. It was retrieving server info for 8 MINUTES when it finally made it to sending client info, where it sat for 5 MINUTES until I decided to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of it and play Cod4, which took all of 30 seconds to load. My specs: -AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ @ 2.1GHz -3GB RAM (2x 512MB and 2x 1GB) -8800GT 512MB -Vista Home Premium 32-bit

I've tried doing the heapsize thing so that it's using about 1.5GB of RAM, but still no dice. Why does TF2 take so amazingly long to load? Any help?

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    7 years ago:

    Something wrong with your computer, I have the same CPU as you and 1GB less in ram, 8600GT card and I load a game in like 30 secs. Could be Vista though, I'm running on XP.

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    7 years ago:

    I have Duel Boot with Vista ultimate and Xp i have a 3.20 intell duel core and 4 gigs of ram also 8800 ultra and ive notice Xp loads faster on tf2 but on my vista is longer but not as long as you

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    7 years ago:

    Try typing -autoconfig in set launch options to reset video settings and if that doesn't work try a reinstall.

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