Team Fortress 2

Essobie's TF2 Crosshair Pack

This is a Sprite for Team Fortress 2 submitted by Essobie.

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Essobie's TF2 Crosshair Pack

Custom crosshair pack for TF2 that does not overwrite existing crosshairs.

A set of 8 crosshairs that utilize black areas to ensure that the crosshair is visible regardless of background. Technically there are only 4 crosshairs, and then the same 4 crosshairs with a circle around each.

For best results, set cl_crosshair_scale to 24. Any bigger than that and they begin to look a little ugly.


1) Unrar in your ..\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\team fortress 2\tf\ directory, retaining file structure.

2) Start Team Fortress 2.

3) Click on "Options".

4) Click on the Multiplayer Tab.

5) Under "Crosshair appearance", use the pulldown menu to select the crosshair of your choice (those in this pack are crosshair10 through crosshair17).

Please note that it is possible that server admins will use sv_pure with a whitelist that does not include assets from this directory, resulting in the black/magenta "no texture found" texture. In this case, you'll need to select a Valve crosshair on those particular servers.


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  • Anonymous
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    3 months ago:
    Hello Essobie,

    I really liked your crosshairs, and how I found here was a while ago, I was watching this video: I spotted Slurgi (Youtuber) was using a mix of your crosshair and default crosshair. I wonder how he had done it, and I think the installation instruction is somewhat outdated (or it's different for Mac OS).

    Thank you.

  • solanath avatar
    solanath Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    202 points Ranked 14485th
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    7 years ago:
    These are good, thanks!
  • John Fisher avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    The one on the bottom to your right is pretty cool.
    It appears that i have blood o


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7 years ago
Feb 5 2009 @ 4:57am UTC
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7 years ago
Feb 5 2009 @ 4:58am UTC
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