Loose Cannon Double-Donk Canned Laughter

I love using the Loose Cannon now. Double-donks are tricky to get but its totally worth it when you blow someone up or send them flying away. I would adore another weapon balancing update like this.

Works well with PikachuX1000's new Loose Cannon Assist V2.

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    4 months ago:

    The reason why I like this sound is very simple. It is suttle, fun to use, gives me a level of accomplishment when I double donk. You did a great job Flashburn.

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    2 years ago:


    • Adding humor to something (See note 1)
    • Feeling of achievement to hear this is worth it as noted in description


    • None actually; there is nothing for me to point out that's a flaw for a simple change, and I usually try to find things to note.


    • I really, REALLY love the 'laughter' you hear when double-donking someone (yet to use this in game myself), but a possible 'double-donk comedy pack' where the people who DL this idea of a pack could pick which comedic sound effect they want to hear (be it laughter, or something silly) upon making a double-donk.


    • I ALWAYS love humor in a game; whether on the receiving end of it, or on the giving end of it. In fact, there's little for me to give feedback on to improve the current as-is mod you have here.
    • I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the sound of laughter upon a successful double-donk from now on; heck, I'd say this mod encourages players to learn how to Double-Donk, like a training regime of sorts to hear this silly thing.
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