Team Fortress 2

Heavy - Bear (full set)

Hello, well as everybody know the problem with the virus on this site makes my last submission disappears, so I take advantage for improve my custom character.

  • fix the over brightness
  • add claw with custom animation for melee
  • add claw for v_shotgun
  • replace some HUD images
  • add one custom sound for melee RAAORR!

believe or not for reamplace the hands for each weapon I re-made each animation from the scratch :3 // I not replaced the hand for the v_minigun cuz I tired // I think i must to make a install wizar or something cuz now are many file humm, // maybe next time

install: extract all in x:/Steam/steamapps/(you account)/team fortress 2/tf

funny music :3 (this video use old version of heavy bear)

You can Download a revival version here: Heavy Bear Revival

Download 4 mb

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    I hope somebody fixes this model.

    I wanna bite your gf's booty.
  • Killer Bear avatar
    Killer Bear Offline
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    Can we get this model to be made available for CS:GO and Source?

  • daEaglesTouch avatar
    daEaglesTouch Offline
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    Anyway to have everything in this EXCEPT for the fist animations?

  • one man-cheeseburger apoclypse avatar
    one man-cheeseburger apoclypse Offline
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    Superaldo i have uploaded old version of heavy bear with dark brown and whiter fur.

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  • bb53535 avatar
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    • I was wondering how to have the heavy bear model added to the scout. I mean take the model and put it on scout so it moves just like him in every way /weapons/movement speed/taunts
  • Jacky Bone avatar
    Jacky Bone Offline
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    The hand for minigun is missing ( ")

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    Working on CS:S HD Sounds
  • Gundrunk avatar
    Gundrunk Offline
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    Hamodey if you haven't noticed its hell of hard to try to start a flame war with an old skin.

    Wait wut
  • Lucky Chocobo avatar
    Lucky Chocobo Offline
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    I love this skin, but it isn't working right. My problem is that it seems to cause hiccups in my game and the roaring noise that is made when switching to melee with Heavy also happens when switching to melee with spy and Pyro. Another problem is that the slashing animation isn't working.

  • Kharnak avatar
    Kharnak Offline
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    i just simply don't wear a Hat, the Modest pile o Hat fits, World Traveller. Ushanka fits great fortunately. I tweaked the color of the Bear to make the Red a Darker brown. I got some nice youtube videos of my own but i wont spam it here. One of these days, if i get some money, I'd hope to Commission a JackRabbit scout. real CG skill is valuable.

    Maker of Bloodeh Chunks


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