Team Fortress 2

Doughnut Edible Device

Doughnut Edible Device

Doughnut sandwich replacement

Doughnut Edible Device Skin screenshot

This a fairly simple custom model to replace the Heavies Sandwich (or Sandvich if you prefer) with a doughnut. Bare in mind it's the first custom skin we've been able to successfully compile for TF2, and we are just happy it worked! If we get enough good feedback we may improve it.

~Read Me~ Credits Model/Textures - Arieas

                 Screenshots/Blueprint edit - Spiderbloke
                 Minty for his gracious help

To use this sandwich replacement, extract files to your "Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\" archive. Alternatively, extract files to an archive of your choosing and then place them manually in given folders.

In the unlikly event this skin replacement causes problems for your system, we hold no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC.

You can edit this for your personal use, but please contact for permission beforehand if you intend to upload.

Edit: This version currently DOES NOT have a bite. But it will probably be included in a future version.


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  • Tpoe avatar
    Tpoe Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Report post
    6 years ago:

    Pros: Very nice, looks tasty. Cons: The hole is a tad too large to be a convincing donut, and its too perfect. Improvements: Make the hole smaller. Its perfectness is ok though. Notes: I want a donut


  • HatlessCreature avatar
    HatlessCreature Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Report post
    6 years ago:

    All congrats to this rather old skin and it's maker. I recently joined and wanted to add feedback about the skins I liked


    just a casual member
  • (CW) Cheese avatar
    (CW) Cheese Offline
    135 points Ranked 18646th
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    6 years ago:

    The holes to big

    cheese, or Whiz, you decide
  • Wicked Crawl avatar
    Wicked Crawl Offline
    1,947 points Ranked 2101st
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    It looks great, awesome job! :D


    4channer avatar
  • Xatu Gravelz avatar
    Xatu Gravelz Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Detail: Either make the hole smaller or make the doughnut larger. Add some extra icing, sprinkles, etc. Functionality: Animations just don't seem to work with this. Other than that it's fine. Originality: First dovut skin.


    It's a digimon, lol
  • The Lieutenant avatar
    The Lieutenant Offline
    835 points Ranked 4707th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Holy fuckwaffles! IT HAS THE PINK STUFF. Dl'ing now, oh man, its like cop heaven or something. Everyone knows the pink stuff is the key to an epic doughnut experience!

    Cult of the Desert Fox
  • Lock N Load avatar
    Lock N Load Offline
    524 points Ranked 6952nd
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Pros: Very original. Shows boat loads of promise to be something grand. Cons: Very simplistic and bland. Improvements: Make a little bigger, Heavies didn't get heavy munching itsee-bitsee donuts(Dovunts). Also, add details like sprinkles and some icing inconsistencies. Notes: I want to see a version 2, this could be something pretty kick ass with some improvement.


    Guns are cool ;)
  • Xaoc avatar
    Xaoc Offline
    7,854 points Ranked 495th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Detail: to begin with, it's quite basic and somewhat bland and lacks something to be desired, a few sprinkles or a thicker glob of icing would have been nice. Functionality: the default animations don't really..."jive" with the model, it's hard to explain how they could be more fitting but at the moment they just look slightly odd. Originality: What can i say? i'd never have thought of it.


    The orange of the banana. avatar
    The orange of the banana.
  • DeSTr0eR avatar
    DeSTr0eR Offline
    153 points Ranked 17234th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Notes: Best on this moment ^^


    Whatever the f**k i want avatar
    Whatever the f**k i want
  • vashts1985 avatar
    vashts1985 Offline
    1,309 points Ranked 3110th
    Damage Inc. Flag Affiliation: Damage Inc.
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    vashts1985 Damage Inc. Flag
    Damage Inc.
    Report post
    7 years ago:

    Big strong heavy is really BABY, eating pink frosting like little girl HAHAHA

    love it. so many good ideas for the sandvich


    ride the typhoon avatar
    ride the typhoon


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Aug 28 2008 @ 4:13pm UTC
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7 years ago
Aug 28 2008 @ 9:29pm UTC


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