Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears to replace the Party Hats!

Bunny Ears for Easter! JiggleBones make them flop! Play any Party Server with sv_pure off to see them!

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  • JuLzFurry's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 721
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 2 years
    Posted 9 months ago

    How to make it for Max's head? Or could you do it please?

    Yepo :D
  • Anonymous
    Posted 2 years ago

    this makes the max head look bad........ YAY!!!

  • Kharnak's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 1,702
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 3 years
    Posted 3 years ago

    AHHHHH!!!! XD i've been wanting something like this for ages! it goes with my Steam name, Gunnybunny, the Annoying JackRabbit Scout ;3 YES!!

    Maker of Bloodeh Chunks
  • skyhot004's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 1,215
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    Posted 3 years ago

    Spy looking..................then he say DAHHHHHHHH! lol

    cool model

    User Title
  • lolspys's Levels
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 3 years
    Posted 3 years ago

    Now I can be a hyper-kinetic lagormorph of my own :3

  • BrokenDahlia's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 882
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    Posted 4 years ago

    I adore these, but for some reason, they appear on everyone else's character, but not mine! ;_; Also, if there is a way to somehow like...combine this skin with like, a hat skin or something, that would be awesome, because I just want my scouts to run around with bunny ears all the time, on any server. XD

    What has science done??
  • Stain3's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    Posted 5 years ago


    With internet
  • Zurkov's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 1,366
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 6
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 6 years
    Posted 5 years ago

    Pros: Hilarious! Cons: It doesn't fit on a few classes quite right. Improvements: See "Cons:". Notes: See "Pros:".

    Assessment: [+] Approved - 10
    User Title
  • YouFollowMeCameraGuy?'s Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 561
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 6 years
    Posted 6 years ago

    Pros: Very cute, very funny. The animation is a nice touch. Cons: None. Improvements: None. Notes: I think of the bunny hat from Ocarina of Time or Smash Bros. when I see this.

    Made in Germany
  • Crazyface's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 6 years
    Posted 6 years ago

    Where do I put the folders? I can't figure out where they go for it to work :(



Jman's Levels
  • P2: Drudge
    Points: 6,417
  • A6: Elder
    Account Age: 9 years
Jman (Creator/Co-creator)
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New Custom Model
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Custom Texture


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6 years ago
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6 years ago


3DSMax7, Photoshop CS3, GuiStudioMDL, TF2




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