Team Fortress 2

[FIXED] Mangled Mace for the EQUALIZER

DISCLAMER: This is not my skin, it is created by Crazy-G. It was made by him for the Community Medevial Update.

Since the Equalizer split basically broke every equalizer skin under the sun, I'll write a mini guide here on how to convert old equalizer skins/current escape plan skins to the equalizer.

Step 1. Download any old equalizer skin that was broken (aka only works on Escape Plan now).

Step 2. Unpack the skin into your /tf/ folder.

Step 3. go to /materials/backpack/weapons/c_models/c_pickaxe/ and change any files with c_pickaxe in the name to c_pickaxe_s2. DO NOT change the folder name to c_pickaxe_s2.

Step 4. go to /models/weapons/c_models/c_pickaxe/ and do the same thing, changing all c_pickaxe in the name of files to c_pickaxe_s2. Once again, DO NOT change the folder name to c_pickaxe_s2.

There you have it. Start your TF2, and your equalizer skin previously broken by the patch is now fixed.

TL;DR: c_pickaxe files are for escape plan c_pickaxe_s2 files are for equalizer if you are converting a pre-split equalizer skin to new equalizer, do not rename folders.

Download 725 kb

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  • Th3Wastelander avatar
    Th3Wastelander Offline
    385 points Ranked 8517th
    Member Joined 5 years ago
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    Cool looking set pal. Downloading this skin


    Show Meh ya Moves!
  • Cheezeh avatar
    Cheezeh Offline
    703 points Ranked 5191st
    Member Joined 3 years ago
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    I'm glad that equalizer skins appear for the escape plan and not the equalizer, I thought they shared the same model. (Escape plan is better than equalizer)

    • Agree x 1
    u wot m8 avatar
    User Title
    u wot m8
  • GuyPagani avatar
    GuyPagani Offline
    620 points Ranked 5789th
    Member Joined 3 years ago
    • Report icon

    Nice work on this skin! Btw I'd put up some first person screen shots if I where you, Derpcat may flag this skin!

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  • Nonhuman avatar
    Nonhuman avatar Offline
    1,673 points Ranked 2290th
    Team Fortress Karts Flag Affiliation: Team Fortress Karts
    Member Joined 4 years ago
    Nonhuman avatar
    Team Fortress Karts Flag
    Team Fortress Karts
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    Nice soldier, original

    Pop pop. avatar
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    Pop pop.
  • Phlogistinator avatar
    Phlogistinator Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago
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    I agree; an in-game screenshot or two would be very appreciated!

  • Dapper Dan avatar
    Dapper Dan avatar Offline
    2,821 points Ranked 1333rd
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    • Report icon

    No first person?

    I don't want Fop God-Dammit!
  • padawonjon avatar
    padawonjon Offline
    518 points Ranked 6732nd
    Member Joined 4 years ago
    • Report icon

    I wondered what was up with skins I tried to install for the equalizer

    License to squack avatar
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    License to squack


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