DEVIL'S HALF-ACRE (pl_halfacre)

Gametype: Payload Players: 24-32 Scoring mode: 1 point per checkpoint captured Author: Tim "Youme" Johnson E-mail: Contributors: Wade "Nineaxis" Fabry

Map description

A standard single stage payload map for Team Fortress 2, Blu are escorting a payload towards the red base.

Recommended config file

mp_maxrounds 3 mp_winlimit 0

A note to server owners:

This map has menu thumbnails, there is a .res file in the root of the archive, if you're putting this map on a server, simply place the .res in the server's /tf/maps folder along with the .bsp file

Revision History (DD/MM/YY)

Supplimental release 10/05/09:-

  • Added menu thumbnails to the archive and added a .res file for server owners, the .bsp HAS NOT CHANGED.

Final release 07/05/09:-

  • Slightly tweaked respawn times, health/ammo packs and capture point positions to aid team balance.
  • Miscellaneous minor changes.

Final release 26/02/09:-

  • Slightly tweaked respawn times, health/ammo packs and capture point positions to aid team balance.
  • Added another directional sign.
  • Added an extra resupply cabinet in red's final spawn.
  • Miscellaneous minor changes.

Release candidate released 14/01/09:-

  • Improved detailing.
  • Improved payerclipping.
  • Added a proper explosion to the end with animated debris and a kill area for those too close.
  • Fixed a few prop lighting issues.
  • Tweaked layout and respawn timers to help Blu take first and final cap points.
  • Optimised the lightmap scales.

Beta 3 released 30/12/08:-

  • Properly fixed doors closing on players.
  • Miscellaneous detailing improvements over the entire map including the skybox.
  • Slightly slowed the cart and adjusted respawn times marginally.
  • Removed a healthkit at certain times to discourage spawncamping.
  • Adjusted ammo/health packs to aid Blu's capture of the final point.
  • Minor optimisation, including added fade distances to most props.
  • Significantly expanded non playable areas, further concealing real world/skybox join.
  • Added soundscapes.

Beta 2 released 13/12/08:-

  • Revised layout in a few places.
  • Slightly adjusted respawn timers for Red team.
  • Added and moved a few ammo packs.
  • Many detailing improvements over the entire map.
  • Added an extra dynamic sign to help direct new players in the right direction.
  • Fleshed out the 3D skybox.
  • Added observer points for each capture point.
  • Improved playerclipping.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with spawn doors trapping players.
  • Fixed a problem where a door brush would prevent players moving above it.
  • Properly aligned all displacement textures.

Beta 1 released 29/11/08:-

Known Issues:-


All members of and, most notably: -Colt Seavers -Dox -DrPepper -Nineaxis The No Heroes sever admins and all players on their servers. Chilly of the YinYarr clan.

Download 28 mb

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  • hey you avatar
    hey you Offline
    882 points Ranked 4369th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    You may have wanted to use area portals (if you don't already). It might help the fps issue people are having.

    Also when on def when you come out the spawn the first time, Its hard to tell if you need to go right or left, I eventually found the sign pointing left, but i was kind of hidden behind the rocks when you first come out. (doesnt speak lound enough)

    Hope that helps :)

    I'll let you know more when I test it with a full server.

  • kankle king M.D. avatar
    kankle king M.D. Offline
    329 points Ranked 9770th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Pros: Excellent design, flows very well. Lots of different routes, but enough that your team can cover them all. Cons: FPS IS TERRIBLE. We still play this map all the time, but everyone complains about the horrid FPS, especially around 3 to 4. Improvements: Fix FPS issues Notes: We play this a lot b/c the gameplay is so good, fix the major FPS issues and we got a winner


  • E5Ky avatar
    E5Ky Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Pros: Very polished map. really like the lighting doesn't feel like the colors been washed out. Plays well/ balanced all classes Cons: Last section of map is very hard to finish, maybe add a tunnel that appears under the hut on the LHS so another paths exists, team can only enter area from RHS. Improvements: perhaps add another path near last cap point Notes: These comments are from playing the RC version which played well on a 24 slot server over numerous games. Only other concern was the size of it but I see you've compressed it.


    Map Tester
  • the_mad_magyar avatar
    the_mad_magyar Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    This is a wonderful map. It's seems like every time I play it the game goes a bit differently and that's a good thing!

    One thing I noticed is that the first ramp on the far left outside the blue spawn, (to the left of the tracks) is a bit of a pain to get up at times. There is lot's of stickiness going on there. Otherwise it's an awesome PL map.

    That last little stretch for blue is a pita but it's so satisfying when you win!!!


  • Booster37 avatar
    Booster37 Offline
    3,618 points Ranked 1063rd
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Pros: Well, when I first jumped into a server with the alpha, I was a little disappointed, because I was hyped when I saw hoodoo in alpha, but this is just incredible! Big improvement! Textures look lovely, the layout is impressive, and gives an amazing amount of balance to the payload structure. Bravo! Cons: Improve on the skybox. Some awnings that seem like they aren't supposed to be stood on can be on the very tips. Improvements: See Cons. Notes: Amazing job, and I'd love to play this map anytime. Keep up the good work! :)


    Fire God avatar
    User Title
    Fire God
  • Emeriastone avatar
    Emeriastone Offline
    826 points Ranked 4612th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Hey Youme, nice work. We all enjoy Hoodoo over on our servers, and we've played Halfacre a couple of times and I think the map is fairly balanced all the way though until the end. Very few times did anyone actually take the last point, I think maybe in 8 pushes through the level only 1 got through to the end. Most players were setting up sentries on the second floor behind the final control point and it's pretty hard for demomen or soldiers to take them out from that distance.

    I would suggest perhaps a set of stairs on the far left of the point leading up to the second floor or something similar--but you're a smart guy, you'll figure out what's best for your map. You know it better than anyone, anyway.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing future releases of your stuff!


  • Sarkdog avatar
    Sarkdog Offline
    8,719 points Ranked 448th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Posted by Youme
    Posted by Sarkdog Wrong category. Tell me when you changed it.
    How is TF2>payload not the right catagory?

    It was at a call of duty 4 mod first so, Look at owlruler's post and you will see I'm talking the trueth


  • Randdalf avatar
    Randdalf Offline
    477 points Ranked 7343rd
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Pros: Great fun open map, it's kind of like the opposite and counterpart to hoodoo. If they were to be played consecutively, they would complement each other perfectly. Most detailed areas of the map look great, and the displacement work is fantastic. Cons: I know it's a beta, but it's essentially still in alpha, so it puzzles me why you've upgraded to beta an unfinished map. (I believed betas were for tweaking the near final versions of maps). One minor quibble, is that you've included old screenshots of A6, however, I don't think much has changed. A few areas are easily camped, such as the stairs that go from the opening area to the straight towards the second cap. The last warehouse area (with the two large doors), is immediately obvious to BLU (the tiny door that they can enter it through). Perhaps widen the entrance? Improvements: Finish the detailing! Notes: This map is fantastic fun, and although I do protest at its "unfinishedness", that's really what a beta is for. Right?


  • Youme avatar
    Youme Offline
    2,143 points Ranked 1816th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Posted by Sarkdog Wrong category. Tell me when you changed it.

    How is TF2>payload not the right catagory?

  • Sarkdog avatar
    Sarkdog Offline
    8,719 points Ranked 448th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Wrong category. Tell me when you changed it.




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Youme Offline
2,143 points Ranked 1816th
Member Joined 8 years ago




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