Team Fortress 2


This is my second map.

Gamemode is very simple:

1) you get the enemy flag at your base (not in spawn, but near spawn) 2) Take the enemy flag to the enemy base and score a point (capture area is the same as the place you picked up the flag, only in the enemy's base)

It's basically a reversed CTF and chances are that there already is a map like this but i thought i'd just go for it since would be a nice touch to distinguish this map from the regular ctf maps out there.

I would just like to know how this map plays most of all, so if anyone could give this one a quick run it would be greatly appreciated.

Download 8 mb

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  • dullestbulb avatar
    dullestbulb Offline
    253 points Ranked 11738th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    I did a quick run through and so far its pretty good with only a few changes that I think are needed.

    1. Few pink squared objects here and there also the lighting is a lil off with big bright spots all over the place, just turn down the brightness so we can actually see the light fixture.
    2. Change the doors, spawn ones are out of fence and the other is just a wood slab going up and down and neither look right.
    3. Details, I know its only beta but yea walls are kinda barren.
    4. Player clips, the stairs are annoying to go up and down because of your screen jumping, just add a clip so its a smooth transition.
    5. Spawn rooms look a little misplaced, perhaps split the size and have two spawn rooms in different areas, one in basement and one on another floor.
    6. From a snipers point of view there isn't much to work with, perhaps add another path upwards on each side with a balcony overlooking the middle.

    Other than that the maps looks excellent and I can't wait for its completion.

    8.13/10 avatar
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  • Kosai106 avatar
    Kosai106 avatar Offline
    12,307 points Ranked 313rd
    Avenger Corp.™ Flag Affiliation: Avenger Corp.™
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Kosai106 avatar
    Avenger Corp.™ Flag
    Avenger Corp.™

    Very nice design dood. Its awesome. Keep it up

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    Former super moderator
  • dullestbulb avatar
    dullestbulb Offline
    253 points Ranked 11738th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Looks beautiful so far! Looks like a totally redesigned 2fort. I'm going to test a bit on my own in a lil bit see how game play works. Message me when the first non-beta version comes out and it may find play on my server.

    Game type reminds me of Halo's assault, now only to find a ctf flag that looks like a bomb.

    8.13/10 avatar
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  • Arnoldtf avatar
    Arnoldtf Offline
    366 points Ranked 8891st
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Thanks for the comments guys really appreciate it.

    Final version will include 3D skybox

  • Killocity avatar
    Killocity avatar Offline
    24,570 points Ranked 167th
    Member Joined 9 years ago

    Pros: The striking visual style of the bases is the first, and most obvious pro of the map. The complex geometry and architecture on the facades is extremely impressive, and quite unlike anything I've seen thus far! The lighting and atmosphere of the level only accentuate this, to provide a visually stunning map, with what promises to be an exciting gamemode! Cons: None Improvements: Maybe a 3D skybox, just to add extra detail to the surrounding area Notes: Very well designed map, I envy your skils at designing those buildings!


    User Title
  • tom_tom92 avatar
    tom_tom92 Offline
    161 points Ranked 16109th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Its your third map submission, but anyway :D.

    It is truly another amazing map by you. The design is un-matched even by valve. The gameplay is superb. The the lighting fits perfect with the theme. Your brushwork is on another level all its own. It actually looks like a building that is architecturally sound, unlike so many other maps. Your attention to detail.. don't even get me started. LOL!!! 10/10 from me bro, keep mapping like this and valve will be hunting you down for making too good of maps.


  • WplusMouse1 avatar
    WplusMouse1 avatar Offline
    1,766 points Ranked 2186th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    Pros: Very interesting design, both sides of the map look well balanced with what looks like identical trenches and other things on either side. It gives that 2fort feel with the symmetry, so I like that. The buildings are really detailed and I sure hope you can enter whole parts of them. It would be nice to go inside and just be able to marvel at their design and just say "Wow..." the whole round.

    Cons: It doesn't look like you have a skybox from these pictures. It's not a rather big flaw for the map, nothing that would hurt my rating, but I would love to see a detailed skybox to go with this beautifully detailed map.

    Improvements: Maybe add a skybox to the next release.

    Notes: I really like your idea that the Blu intel already starts in your base and must be carried back to the Blu base, or vice versa. Interesting concept indeed, I would love to see more maps like this from you in the future. Nice work.


  • ThirtySeven avatar
    ThirtySeven Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    I'd suggest giving the BLU base more of a indrustial look. Right now it looks like a pallet swap of the RED base.


  • dr.Cola avatar
    dr.Cola Offline
    1,187 points Ranked 3267th
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    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Quite nice. i it almost suits to be a cp map or it suits ^^


  • .Krusty avatar
    .Krusty Offline
    10,236 points Ranked 377th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    An artistic masterpiece, can't say it better than that.

    HQ is HQ


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