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To install unzip file and place it into your folder named Steam\SteamApps\username\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Note from author

tc_atlantic is a territorial control map (like hydro) set in a gravel mine. The blue team has suspicions that the red team is hiding something with the mine as cover. Blue manages to take control of haft of the compound before red can organize to fight. When the game starts team red and team blue each have 2 of the 4 center control points


I must give a huge amount of credit to all the people at valve that spent 11 years making TF2. I never would have been able to make this work with out there work. Also thanks two people who helped with spectial files for tc_atlantic. SolisInvicti for making the overview and intro pictures Timberghost for creating some custom models

Thanks to the guys at for custom textures and models, and advice Fernferret author of(gray gravel .co Spytech Props) Mort author of (three signs pack) Nineaxis author of(Industry is Victory and Hardhat Poster)


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    Pros: beautiful map, cool areas around CP's, interesting layout, another cool tc map to play Cons: after the first couple plays, balance seemed to have been an issue, at least that's what people in TS were saying. will have to play it some more to get more info on this Notes: great looking map. looking forward to playing it some more


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    Oit works with winrar, strange it doesnt work with peazip maybe i need to update it.

    havent tried it yet but dont put capitals in the filename as it crashes linux servers

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    Posted by crazychicken You passworded the zip so i cant extract it

    no i didn't. what ever the problem is it must be on your end.

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    You passworded the zip so i cant extract it

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    Pros: This map just looks great! A lot of detail, great displacements, and many different walkways to go from. All accessible areas are marked and labeled correctly as much as possible. It looks to be balanced, as both owned points hold the "one inside, one outside" formula. The best TC map I know, and that includes Hydro.

    Cons: The BLU points are definitely more clearly marked than the RED ones, although are obviously marked by cones, they may not be so obvious to others. The RED team also seems to have a little disadvantage when it comes to the final points. BLU has a heavy chokepoint, but RED's can normally be easily evaded by taking vents, unless you want soldiers and demomen risking their health to jump up there to do something about it. I also don't like the unfair advantage to those new to the map with the killing mechanisms. Although they are a neat touch, can be a little annoying. One example is the meat grinder at the BLU outside point, which I think only works when the RED team is defending their inner mine shaft. It's only bad when a BLU player kills themselves out of curiosity is all, lol The biggest one, and probably justifies the BLU upper area near their final point is the Rocket pitfall. Like I said, don't know if it's a neutralizer or not, but it could be without.

    Improvements: I'd add stairs leading to the deck overlooking the final RED point, as for the BLU team, there is nowhere they cannot go besides RED spawn. I'd still go ahead and throw the yellow and black tap texture lining the cones to assure players that they are in the cap area. Maybe cover up the pitfall with glass or a metal door kinda enclosing around the rocket, but not crushing it, lol. Lastly, mark the area of BLU's final point a bit, probably the hardest to tell if you are on the point or not, although most people who play will normally stand on the circle to ensure being on it

    Notes: Take my advice with a pinch of salt, as your map works fine without it. Oh yeah, and I like the craziest slope in the world, lol.

    Keep up the good work. The map is amazing, and I'd love to see more of your work. :)


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