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A king of the hill map with 5 control points! (Domination)

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This is a King of the hill map with a twist - it has 5 control points!

The map is played in a similar manner to how you would play something like Conquest in Battlefield, Domination in Call of Duty, or Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft. The goal is for your teams timer to reach zero, just like in ordinary KoTH, but the speed which your timer drains will increase with the number of points your team controls.

This has been a weeklong project and is mostly a "proof of concept" of the multiple control point KoTH idea. The map in itself is based on an old unreleased CSS map I made back in the day. It is not polished, detailed, or balanced in any major way, but should at least be playable.

It would be great to hear what you think of the 5 control point KoTH concept!

PS: The map is fully playable with bots if you generate the navmesh! They will go around capping the control points, and if you fill it up with around 20 bots you actually have a game on your hand!

(Bonus points to whoever guesses the correct Halo 2 multiplayer level this map is inspired by)


Version b1:

  • Fixed the game ending 5 minutes too early

Version b2:

  • Changed the way the timer works
  • Added logic to handle a stalemate if both teams timers hit 00:00 at the same time (Good luck with that)
  • Added some more snow and details
  • Improved the displacements in the 3d skybox

Version b3:

  • Rescaled the timing interval on the countdown timers
  • Added custom HUD elements as well as more signs around the map to make it easier for players to locate the different capture points
  • Added more cover around the center point
  • Moved around some of the healthpacks and ammopacks
  • Reduced the strength of the fans
  • Added more detail to the map overall

Version b4:

  • Fixed players being able to get into the enemy spawn
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the concrete beam above the center control point

Version b5:

  • Changed the prefix of the map from "koth" to "dom" (domination) to better reflect the game mode of the map
  • Added audio cues when a teams timer hits 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute
  • Added alternative routes (stairs) to Red Bay and Blu Bay
  • Added more lights to the map to increase visibility
  • Removed some props in the room overlooking the cave control point
  • Increased the capture time for the control points by 50%
  • Reduced the countdown speed for holding 4 or 5 points to allow for more comebacks

Version b6:

  • Added stairs leading up to the roof at the center control point
  • Added a dropdown hatch from the roof to the cave control point
  • Added ledges outside the bays to make it easier to perform rocket and sticky jumps, to and from that location
  • Increased the timer length of the map from 15 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Completely removed the push effect from the fans
  • Added more lighting in the "fan-pits"
  • Added more health and ammo packs

Version b7:

  • Added custom decals around the map to guide players to the different control points
  • Added an indoor soundscape
  • Added more lighting to the map
  • Removed some props to prevent players from reaching the roofs by simply jumping

Version b8:

  • Finished the 3d skybox! It now features dynamic lightning strikes and thunder as well as moving clouds.
  • You no longer land on a platform when you fall down and die. Instead you simply keep on falling, after you have died of course.
  • You can no longer stand on the concrete beam over the center control point without sliding.
  • Added a trigger_push to the fans once again, it is however not that strong.
  • Filled the outside dumptrucks near center with snow instead of gravel.
  • Fixed some lightning issues.
  • Started optimization, more in b9.

Version b9:

  • Added a chalk board in spawn with graphics describing how the game mode is played.
  • Removed the push effect of the fans (again).
  • General optimization
  • Added two vents you can jump on as scout to gain access to the area overlooking center
  • Added more playerclips around the map for smoother movement in the corridors.

Version b10:

  • Internal release

Version b11:

  • Reworked the cave area to be more open
  • Disabled the announcer sounds for the control points
  • Added 5 minutes to the timer
  • Lighting improvements
  • The chalkboard in spawn is now a prop to prevent sprays on it
  • Added windows to the spawnroom doors
  • Increased the size of the capture areas
  • Lowered the sound effects of the thunder


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  • Wuur avatar
    Wuur Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    Report post
    7 months ago:

    I love this map to death. I always use it on my server. The only thing that bugs me (It's something minor) is that the icons for the control points come up as missing textures. I do remember the points showing normaly a few months ago but now they're busted.

  • Mystyc Cheez avatar
    Mystyc Cheez Offline
    Member Joined 1 year ago
    Report post
    10 months ago:

    I remember this map, it was really fun! I don't know what servers host this, so It is hard to play it.


  • ShadowBolt avatar
    ShadowBolt Offline
    698 points Ranked 5485th
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    Report post
    12 months ago:

    Now this is some quality mapmaking. I love it!

    Brutal Honesty is my specialty avatar
    Brutal Honesty is my specialty
  • Burnfingers avatar
    Burnfingers avatar Offline
    127,524 points Ranked 21st
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    1 year ago:

    very well made map, seems right at home on the tf2 halo server :)

    aka [-B-] avatar
    aka [-B-]
  • Tinja Buster avatar
    Tinja Buster Offline
    262 points Ranked 11790th
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    Finally,someone thought about more than 1 Control Point KOTH

  • JBEZORG avatar
    JBEZORG Offline
    1,434 points Ranked 2847th
    8 medals 1 rare
    • 3rd Place - Treasure Hunter Mapping Contest Medal icon
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    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    very cool map. I love the new "Domination" gameplay (Call of Duty / Battlefield) thanks for upload the tutorial.vmx file in I hope we will see in the future many more maps.

    very very nice work 10/10


    • Thanks x 1
    mapper avatar
  • GamerKM avatar
    GamerKM Offline
    2,407 points Ranked 1668th
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    god this looks amazing.


    • Thanks x 1
    Level Designer avatar
    Level Designer
  • Anonymous
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    I got the bonus points without lookin it up. Lockout for Halo 2 and Blackout for Halo 3.

  • Thelostrune avatar
    Thelostrune Offline
    1,083 points Ranked 3744th
    Member Joined 3 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    I love this.


    • Thanks x 1
  • Snack Patrol avatar
    Snack Patrol Offline
    2,755 points Ranked 1449th
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    Posted by Zeql33t

    Thanks! I just checked the map out and I had no idea a map with the same gamemode existed. I wish I had known about that map earlier, it looks like great fun! It was interesting to see how that mapper had constructed his map compared to mine.

    Yeah, I ran it on a server of mine when I had one. It was actually based on a TFC map of the same name.

    Buy factory direct and save!


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Custom textures


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