This map isn't entirely completed. Currently it is only the houses and the koth control point. Working on the next version right now.

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  • Patro56 avatar
    Patro56 Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago

    I like to play with bots and I gotta say this map plays really well with them. I was sure bots will go stright from spawn to control point but they actually like to fiddle around which is perfect for me. The very idea of suburbian area is just spot on. Really, really love that. Aesthetics of map are obvious as for now but that doesn't mean anything bad. At least FPS is great. I would suggest adding some ammo boxes and health packs mainly inside of every house. Thing that bugs me are windows which are supposely oppened but you can't shoot through them. Also some ways to get on roofs like ladders or such would be a neat idea too. A real con would be the fact that map is highly Sniper centered. I suggest adding some objects like trees or such to limit sight of sniping. I'm pretty sure most of these thing are about to come true in future. All I can say is that I like your map sir and I wish you will continue it. I see potential in it. Cheers!

  • Ecto Da Wizurd avatar
    Ecto Da Wizurd Offline
    570 points Ranked 6292nd
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    Hm. I like the idea, but could you do more with this? I would love it if it was his house on the cliff, and the doors were larger. Sorry, but I am gonna give a medium review for this.


    Wizurd of Sexi
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    Team Fortress Karts

    The textures (Yeah i know its VIP), reminds me of ROBLOX of 2008, all it needs is studs

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  • VidMas25 avatar
    VidMas25 Offline
    220 points Ranked 13081st
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    SirKiddo, I agree with what you say and I understand the bad parts of the map at the moment. But when i made it i wanted to give it like a realistic feel to it but that may have not been the best approach. I'll try to see how i can make the map more interesting though, also thank you.

  • SirKiddo avatar
    SirKiddo Offline
    1,559 points Ranked 2531st
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    A few thing about this one.

    I'm not going to talk about texturing because this obviously isn't the final.

    While the concept is great, I like the houses you made. Looks very similar to the ones you were aiming for (looks more of a thing to put in prefabs or for visual attraction). However, Straight up, this in no way, at the time being, can be a legitimate day-to-day map like Viaduct or Harvest (if this was what you were planning for). To me this looks like a bunch of copy/pasted houses. (however if you did each one yourself, I apologies)

    If you were aiming to make this map a nice KOTH map, you are missing quite a few vital features. For one, it simply is way too large. KOTH maps tend to be way smaller and have nice borders around them. The main part of the battle tends to be in the middle (near the control point) With this map, the action will probably be taking place around one house. Another thing is that it needs more detail. The road is simply way too wide, and there is way to much of it. This reminds me of the mario cart servers where you basically get top score of you go sniper.

    The houses also look very badly proportioned in relation to the map. Take a look at Mountainlab (TF2 Control point map):

    As you can see, the entrances to the house are very large, the entrances to this house are very small, and limit the entrance to 1 player; very incontinent for players. If you were aiming for a nice KOTH map I'd suggest something along the lines of this.

    There would be one house, there the top would contain a control point. The bottom would have spawns coming out of the bottom of the house (like garages) and it would be on a cliff. There would be stair access up, and easy rocket jumping access. Would be a great pyro/jumper map.

    IF you were aiming for a fun, RTD, fooling around server, this also would require some work. The space, again, is too wide. Shortren the road, map size could stay the same, and ADD VARIETY TO THE MAP! Obviously people want maps that could be re-playable and fun. Add fun rooms, a gallery of some kind, maybe just a place to fool around and not kill anyone. Maybe some kind of mini-games, teleports, anything! Something has to be added. Make sure to make a fun border around it (doesn't have to be too complicated) along with an appropriate skybox.

    Finally make sure to add aesthetic things like custom posters / textures and all that good stuff.

    I will end this with a rating people might consider 'low', but I will defiantly be looking out for a v2, or something completely different. Don't look at this as offensive, look at this as something you can use to make yourself better at mapping! :)


    too dee artest avatar
    User Title
    too dee artest
  • VidMas25 avatar
    VidMas25 Offline
    220 points Ranked 13081st
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    Posted by SirKiddo Few questions:

    -How not finished is the map? (how much is left to go?)

    -Was this made specifically for TF2?

    1. Well at the moment i need to add in the furniture to the houses,make a better skybox and possibly increase map size. (Planning to make this a control points map too)
    2. It is but I can modify it to be used in Left 2 Dead or other source game.
  • SirKiddo avatar
    SirKiddo Offline
    1,559 points Ranked 2531st
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    Few questions:

    -How not finished is the map? (how much is left to go?)

    -Was this made specifically for TF2?


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    too dee artest


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VidMas25 Offline
220 points Ranked 13081st
Member Joined 3 years ago



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Planned to do: Add in asteroid ending.

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