Survive and fend off increasingly difficult waves of bots in a horde-mode style challenge

hm_opchallenge_v2 Map screenshot

Horde Mode Overpowered Challenge (hm opchallenge)

Hm opchallenge is a singleplayer-only challenge map. Survive and fend off increasingly difficult waves of bots in a horde-mode style challenge.

This is a challenge map, the challenge is to survive and win against waves of bots. Every wave increases in difficulty and quantity. There are 10 waves in all, every wave lasts 30 second, at which point a new wave is automatically sent out (regardless of bots still being alive on the battlefield.) The first wave is the easiest with only 2 easy-ai bots. Every wave gets harder until at wave 10 you have to face 14 bloodthirsty extreme-ai bots. There are no respawns. The first player-death in the arena will end the round in a loss.

To aid the player against this onslaught of bots are a slew of powerups. These powerups make the player super overpowered (hence the name of the map.)

How to play:

Put the map and the nav file in your maps folder. Launch TF2 and either start the map from the host game menu or put 'map mapname' in the console. Join RED and select a class. Soldier, demoman and other beefy classes are recommended. Now you'll be greeted by 5 passageways:


Defensive challenge: This and offensive challenge are the main modes. Try to win against waves of bots wile being buffed with primarily defensive buffs. You'll only deal minicrits (vs offensive challenge's full crits) but you'll have more survivability.

Offensive challenge: This and defensive challenge are the main modes. Try to win against waves of bots wile being buffed with primarily offensive buffs. You'll always do crits but you have to watch your health more then in defensive challenge.

Hardcore mode: Have only minimal buffs wile taking on waves of bots. This is the hardest mode and is probably not possible to win. Bots will overwhelm and kill you.

Fun mode: Have every powerup and uber. It's not possible to die, but it's still possible to fail. This mode's for messing around.

Debug mode: Stepping into this passageway will bring you to a new area where every powerup can be toggle on/off. Other options like melee-only bots, low gravity and max bot-count (23 at last wave) can also be toggled here. Etc.

Have fun and tell me what you think. Report any bugs experience and give me balance suggestions.

Note 1: Map is single-player only. It uses cheats for the powerups, only the host can get the powerups and the map might crash if there's more then 1 person. DON'T RUN THIS MAP ON SERVERS! It's a security risk to enable cheats on servers and the map will not function correctly. As a security precaution, (and because I don't want to be blamed for f ups) when run the map will password protect the game.

Note 2: It may be necessary to lower graphical setting in this map. Wile the map itself is very minimal in detail and well optimized, it's the client (your computer) that has to process all of the bot AI and that may be taxing on midrange PCs.

Note 3: Anyone interested in this map might find my earlier map: hordemode betatest interesting. It's similar to this map and is compatible with multiplayer. This map isn't the sequel promised for that map, but rather a spin-off.

Note 4: The music on the map is from Portal 2.

EDIT MAY 5th 2012



  • Improved start area.
  • Slightly improved optimization.
  • Made the point harder for bots to cap (and cap now decreases when no bots are on it by a factor of 4).
  • Max bots at last wave is now 14 (from 15).
  • Hardcore mode made harder to compensate.
  • Hardcore mode now has coloured fog to make it look more cool looking. (lol?)
  • Hardcore mode now has unique music (from Portal 2).
  • Offensive challenge now has crit and headshot immunity but no longer has life-leach.
  • Offensive challenge now has minicrits as well as crits. (You will always crit but now your sentry will minicrit)
  • In debug mode, low gravity now lowers to 0.67 (from 0.7).
  • In debug mode allowed respawn toggle removed.
  • Added text messages when toggling powerups and settings. (doesn't work with minimal hud and some hud mods.)
  • Bots are now also removed on round-reset. (This was added because of the bug where a bot sometimes joining red on round reset even when told not to.)
  • Made bot's spawndoors more one-way. They now also push bots out into the arena. (Unfortunately bots can't make the distinction between one-way and regular doorways so they'll continue trying to exit regardless.)
  • New gameplay mechanic added. When all the enemies in an entire wave are defeated, and the arena is empty the player receives a health buff. (can overheal)
  • Removed 650 hp overheal health buff from the start of every round. (first couple rounds were already too easy)
  • What classes can spawn can now be toggled in debug mode.
  • Shifted loading screen picture slightly to the left.
  • Engineers and Spy bots now show up earlier.

Watch a video (made by a famous tf2 commentator named Star) of this map in action:

_Fallow me on Twitter for updates on this and other mapping projects I'm working on!_


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  • LukasTheBro avatar
    LukasTheBro Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    Report post
    3 months ago:

    hi, please help me, when i start it up the bots dont spawn, besides that everything seems to be fine. someone please tell me how to let the bots spawn because its not working in any way. thanks.

  • kento999999 avatar
    kento999999 Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    Report post
    2 years ago:

    Now replace the bots with REAL bots from MvM and it's perfect :D

  • KaneAngel avatar
    KaneAngel Offline
    137 points Ranked 18224th
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Report post
    3 years ago:

    seems to be broken for me the bots just stand in 1 place

    look on my works ye mighty.
  • DomenicoFTW avatar
    DomenicoFTW Offline
    6,745 points Ranked 557th
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    Report post
    4 years ago:

    Version 2 out! I took a lot of the feedback given and made an update. See above for changelog. Enjoy.

  • Norton Mapes avatar
    Norton Mapes Offline
    1,774 points Ranked 2251st
    Member Joined 4 years ago
    Report post
    4 years ago:

    Just awesome. Really, really hoping to see more stuff like this.


  • Nanosheep avatar
    Nanosheep Offline
    816 points Ranked 4712th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    Report post
    4 years ago:


    • Fantastic place to practice against bots


    • Any way to vary bot health levels?


    • Option to toggle music on/off


    ஜ۩ Nanosheep Incor
  • FpsTraitor avatar
    FpsTraitor Offline
    794 points Ranked 4825th
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    Report post
    4 years ago:

    A very interesting game mode.

    The Rush


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6,745 points Ranked 557th
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