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This map was tr_training which was released by Valve/Steam.

The Map was designed to use pyro's only and has triggers in spawn to force to the pyro class. Due to steams recent update, they have removed the option to force a player to a class. with that known, if you look in your console while in spawn you will see the error message. It means nothing, and if they allow the use of blocking classes again. the triggers may work.

This map loads bots automatically. Works in single player mod also.

The bots within this map do NOT effect getting your achievements. Which mean you can still get achievements on this map.

The first type has sophisticated AI code, based on the Infected AI in Left 4 Dead[1]. They are intelligent enough to replace human players in most cases. They do not require the server to have cheats enabled, therefore human players can gain achievements while playing with them.

  • tf/maps/tr_pyro-compression_v1.bsp <----- The map
  • tf/maps/tr_pyro-compression_v1.res <----- Used to download the tr_pyro-compression_v1.bik if put on a server.
  • tf/media/tr_pyro-compression_v1.bik <----- This is the file that shows the movie at the start of joining the server. When joining the server click the "watch movie" button at the bottom.

Suggested plugins for this map:

With the class plugin you can restrict all classes but blue pyro's and red demo's and solder's. Note: if you use the classlimit plugin, you MUST set all the classes on red to 0 EXCEPT for solder's and demo's

Created by -MCG{A}-coRy & -MCG{A}-buzzaard

Version 2 will be better optimized.

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  • MeeMception's Levels
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    Posted 10 months ago

    Damn that's a good map right here sir!

    Really nice tr_map for a nooby Pyro like me :3

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    Backstabbing Scout


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crackheadcory (Creator/Co-creator)
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-MCG{A}-coRy AKA (Bill Clinton)
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