Hunting season

Hunting season Map screenshot

Hunting Season is a map I have created designed for the Snipers Huntsman. The game-play is based on the classic tf game mode "keep - away". The Point of the game is for either team to capture the flag and keep it away from the other team until the timer runs out to score a point. There is allot of fog so I have created a laser pointing towards the center to help guide your way around the map. I am new to mapping so any comments are appreciated


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    1 year ago:

    Only problem I see is that when the timer runs out, it gets stuck in overtime forever without actually capturing it.

    Tested live on my sniper server. (Link opens TF2 and connects to server).

    I have an extension that allows entities to be modified without editing the map at all, and have been trying to get the flag to be captured by whoever is holding it when the time runs out.

    Other than that I doubled the fog distance (2000 -> 4000) to make it easier to use regular sniper rifles, upped the intel returntime from 8 to 15, and made the trail light only instead of stamps.

    I also renamed it to sn_huntingseason even though nothing's edited... because a lot of sniper maps use that prefix and it helps people find the server / that map easier.

    Edit: I guess it works on a listen server... not sure why it's not working on my dedicated one though.

    Edit 2: Ah whoops. I was also removing func_capturezone from every map... that's fixed now.

    Nice map! Interesting concept, it reminds me of Bounty Hunter in Strike Vector. We need more unique gamemode maps like this.

    Also, my server happens to disable everything that isn't a sniper rifle (including huntsmen), but I was thinking on adding a small fix for this map that alternates huntsman only and rifle only or something like that.

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    4 years ago:

    This looks greatt but how do I apply this to my game?

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    6 years ago:
    Posted by DatWut? Does this map "force" you to take the hunstman?

    no it does not. You may use any class with any weapon.

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    6 years ago:

    Does this map "force" you to take the hunstman?

    If you need help with sounds,
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    6 years ago:

    Motes probably

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    6 years ago:

    Is it an env_ember next to the flag in the 4th screenshot ?

    The French Guy


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