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This is a Map for Team Fortress 2 submitted by washipato.

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Wiseguy149 and I have been working in this map for the last months and now is good enough to be released publicly

Tr_walkway is a single player training map for Team Fortress 2, it features bots (computer controlled players) walking on a track. There are loads of different options to customize the playfield, making walkway a good place to practice a wide array of TF2 techniques and general aim.

* An endless flow of bots, with the possibility to customize their speed, deploy time and class
* Easy to use button interface, with in-game explanation of every function
* Action for the bots. You can order them to attack, jump, dodge or strafe.
Manipulate how much hit points do they have before they enter the walkway, choose when to kick or kill them or make them spam silly voice commands
* Flexible launch-pad, capable of giving random trajectories or adjustable power
* Custom console commands to control the map without the need to press a button. Useful for creating, loading and sharing game-mods
* Coding system, including variables, timers, random cases and customizable text. Create minigames, training sessions or testing areas without the need to install a mod
* Constant regeneration. The whole map is a giant resupply cabinet, players inside it don't need to heal or reload their weapons. But in walkway, the resupply is completely silent and can be turned off if needed
* Training map designed with a TF2 look in mind, with custom textures, posters, goodies and a secret easter egg
* sv_cheats is turned on, so your stats won't be saved :)

Attention: the .rar includes a readme with very important information about the map. It's recommended to read it.

TR_TELEPORT FIX FOR MULTIPLAYER (only for rc, already fixed in rc2)

Copy this command in the console to make tr_teleport work in multiplayer servers

alias tr_teleport "setpos -1456.420166 3003.405029 -80"

The map is almost finished, but suggestions and opinions are still welcome.


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  • BoratKZ avatar
    BoratKZ Offline
    Member Joined 5 days ago
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    3 days ago:
    very well made map!
    Expert Potassium Exporter
  • Freebeatz avatar
    Freebeatz Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    1 medal 0 legendary, 0 rare
    • One month a member Medal icon
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    2 months ago:
    You have to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps And without the x86 if you aren't on windows 64

    Giver Of Beatz
  • Haze33E avatar
    Haze33E Offline
    Member Joined 2 months ago
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    2 months ago:
    I'm having two issues with the map. The first being I have two bots on blue that are always engineer. They have different names like (1)config_bot and I can't kick them. They appeared when I made a server.cfg file but I deleted the file and they won't go away. My second issue is when I hit the heavy class selector it only spawns 1 heavy instead of changing them all to heavy.
  • Pybro avatar
    Pybro Offline
    Member Joined 2 months ago
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    2 months ago:
    How to INSTALL there is no instructions
  • LegolesG avatar
    LegolesG Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    1 medal 0 legendary, 0 rare
    • One month a member Medal icon
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    3 months ago:
    Need trouble shooting for spawning the same class.

    I can spawn bots for only one class for every classes besides heavy. I have trouble twitch aiming heavy as demoman, thus wanting for training.
  • MKxSkater avatar
    MKxSkater Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    1 medal 0 legendary, 0 rare
    • One month a member Medal icon
    Report post
    3 months ago:
    i cant switch team whenever i go in the map
  • Mrbull avatar
    Mrbull Offline
    Member Joined 4 months ago
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    4 months ago:
    Ive downloaded the map and and did the commands for the bots but when i do retry I only get 1 bot and i cant get anymore how do i fix this?

  • Soccernano avatar
    Soccernano Offline
    Member Joined 7 months ago
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    7 months ago:
    Found a fix for this Open your console. Put "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" in then type "retry"
  • Quarkin avatar
    Quarkin Offline
    Member Joined 8 months ago
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    8 months ago:
    I had the same issues as the people below. Changing the map name to tr_walkway resolved them.
  • MindlessGonzo avatar
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    1,981 points Ranked 2098th
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    10 months ago:
    attempting to start a server with map even with the commands in place closes my game when loading without errors.
    Guy Who Has No Idea At All


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