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Update v3.63 - 4 days ago

  • updated scoreboards
  • fixed disappearing backgrounds while previewing items
  • other bugfixes

Update v3.62 - 23 days ago

  • updated scoreboards

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General information

I made this modification in a free time. Turned out people like it so I decided to release it for everyone.

Video previews, thanks to NoArmsIrene.

I suggest you to visit my website for more information and screenshots.

You can join the Steam Group as well if you want to be notified in case of new releases.


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  • Almost every element has been enhanced in some way for clarity, but I tried to make it interesting at the same time.
  • Two working modes switchable with cl_hud _minmode 0/1. One designed for normal play and the other for competitive players.
  • Support for the following aspect ratios: 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:3.
  • Works with a mac and a linux version of the game.

Latest version

version 3.63 (25.07.2015) Changelog

Download 715 kb

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  • Allen Scott avatar
    Allen Scott avatar Offline
    843 points Ranked 4464th
    Member Joined 4 years ago
    • Report icon

    Hey, When ever your playing Demoknight, the white sleeves on the demoman make it hard to see the white meter for the charge capacity for my shield, anyway you could fix this? ( Or maybe I can fix it by doing something? )

    as seen here;

    Also the hud_reloadscheme doesn't work for me, my ammo and charge meters are still nowhere to be found half the time, Although alot of the time I do see them, when I don't it gets really annoying.

    Texture Artist avatar
    User Title
    Texture Artist
  • Cactus_Sting avatar
    Cactus_Sting Offline
    2,355 points Ranked 1602nd
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    • Report icon

    Posted by Dr.HoovyTM

    I have an issue with the hud that I'm sure you'll be able to fix / help me with . Sometimes the ammo , uber meter , charge meter ,etc. , etc. just 'disappears' and , as I'm sure you understand, it becomes very hard to play the game.

    Type "hud_reloadscheme" into your console if your HUD didn't load properly. The best thing is to bind it to a key since this happens pretty often with custom HUDs.

  • Dr.HoovyTM avatar
    Dr.HoovyTM Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    • Report icon

    I have an issue with the hud that I'm sure you'll be able to fix / help me with . Sometimes the ammo , uber meter , charge meter ,etc. , etc. just 'disappears' and , as I'm sure you understand, it becomes very hard to play the game.

  • Ruza avatar
    Ruza Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    • Report icon

    There is a bug while you are previewing weapon info in your inventory. If you are previewing info from an old weapons, then its ok. If you try to preview info from a skinned weapon then it loses that transparent background frame and this bug also affects previewing info from old weapons.

    • Agree x 2
    • Helpful x 1
    • Interesting x 1
    • Thanks x 1
    New map JunkDestroyer status 6
  • Biolizard avatar
    Biolizard Offline
    492 points Ranked 7072nd
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    • Report icon

    The Point displays for Mannhatten aren't showing up properly (They don't show up at all)

  • M4R5H4L avatar
    M4R5H4L Offline
    175 points Ranked 15108th
    Member Joined 12 months ago
    • Report icon

    This is hands down one of the best huds to use in my opinion. I did find a bug however where your ammo count on the bottom right will sometimes not display.

  • AddictedGamer avatar
    AddictedGamer Offline
    Member Joined 3 months ago
    • Report icon

    when i use this hud, the letters like "cloak,knife(for spy-cicle),ball,jar,focus etc. are missing

  • Ira avatar
    Ira Offline
    Member Joined 16 days ago
    • Report icon

    Really appreciate the work put into this hud, and that you quickly updated it for gun mettle. It is by far my favorite hud for TF2.

  • Mr. Puffle avatar
    113 points Ranked 20337th
    Member Joined 4 months ago
    • Report icon

    I have the updater, and when i chose a custom crosshair and hit marker, all i get are letters. help please

    You just got Dorit-owned
  • tomas295 avatar
    tomas295 Offline
    309 points Ranked 10056th
    Member Joined 2 years ago
    • Report icon
    • For some reason the ping doesnt show on the scoreboard (im using the "24 players-12 in minmode"
    • Steam icons dont show when aiming at other players or show poor quality images
    • In the backpack, when hovering the mouse over an item the description has a 100% transparent backround (no background) which makes the description hard to read.

    I love this hud and i really dont see me playing with another one, but i though you may want to know these problems to make this awesome hud even better



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